Thursday, January 28, 2010

For some reason, every time I try to update this blog something comes up and I have to log off. Maybe this time I can get some things posted.

This thread is YLI Machine Quilting Thread. The color is 04V (mango). Stacey Houston of Everett, WA sent it to me. The pattern is from the August 1967 Workbasket.

The next thread is from Dorcas Newkirk of Evansville, IN. The thread is Flora size 20 color number 53. The pattern is from the October 1974 Workbasket.

This is DMC traditions Crochet Cotton. It is size 10 color number 5109. The pattern is from the December 1972 Workbasket and it is one of the many threads that I have received from Deborah Craig.

Jeanette Hasseman of Canton, OH gave me this thread. It is DMC Cordonette Size 40, Color number 320. The pattern is from the August 1978 Workbasket.

Finally, I decided to do Janes 2010 Tat It and See with an exchange thread. Since I was using an exchange thread, I didn't try to go digging though my collection to find other threads in the same size, so my rooster doesn't have any color changes. When I sent him to Jane, I called him an exotic rooster because he turned out to be all green. He kind of looked like a bird of paradise to me as well. The thread is size 16 Finca from Lily Morales.