Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I went to IOLI this year in Rockford, Illinois. Since I was in the neighborhood, I extended my trip to include visiting my brother and his family in Monroe, Michigan. That gave me a lot of time to work on my thread exchange threads waiting at airports, on planes, waiting at the train station and on the train.

I started this motif in the Long Beach Airport and finished it on the plane to Chicago. It is DMC perle cotton size 12 that has been hand dyed in red, white and blue colors. Krystal Kubiszewski of Minneapolis, MN gave it to me and she says the dying was done by shatteredshardsofme.net. This thread came to me several years ago (I really have to spend some time catching up on my exchanges) so I doubt if it is still available. The pattern is from the November 1960 Workbasket.

This edging was started on the flight to Chicago and finished on the bus to and from Rockford. It was also given to me by Krystal Kubiszewski. It is Olympus Size 40, Color number 221. The pattern is from the August 1967 Workbasket.

I didn't work on any exchange threads while at IOLI. I was too busy working on homework for Georgia's class or learning Romanian Point Lace. Those projects aren't quite finished. I'll post them when I get them done. (If I get them done.)

After IOLI I caught a train from Chicago to Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was a very relaxing trip and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to ride the rails to upgrade to business class. It will be the best $11 you ever spent. I didn't tat that much on the train, I kinda fell asleep for the first hour of the trip. OK, I did fall asleep. That week of lacemaking was tiring.

I guess this was an edging trip. This next thread was tatted on the train to Michigan. It is Manuella Size 20 in Ecru. The thread was given to me by Dianne Warren of Wichita KS. The pattern is from the November 1966 Workbasket.

This thread was also started on the train to Michigan and finished on the flight from Detroit to Phoenix. It is also an edging pattern but I decided to double it back on itself to make a motif. I didn't realize till I scanned it that I goofed on a join. A little too late, the ends are already hidden. I suppose I can cheat and pull the last ring back into place with a bit of invisible sewing thread. I'll think about it. The thread is Knit Cro Sheen in rainbow colors. It was given to me by Jeanette Hasteman of Canton OH. The pattern is the April 1977 Workbasket.

This heart was also completed on the flight from Detroit to Phoenix. Stacey Houston of Everett, WA sent me this thread. It is Olympus Size 40 in color OL-101. The pattern was designed by Birgit Phelps. (http://www.geocities.com/birgit_ph/sweetheart.html). This is a great pattern and I enjoyed tatting it.

I started one other motif on the flight from Phoenix to Ontario, CA, but it is sitting on my desk waiting to be finished.