Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I got a note that the link to the maple leaf pattern was incorrect. This is the correct link:

I've also fixed it in the previous entry.

Sorry about that.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gee, I've finished it; and before the end of August too. I won't stop though, this is a good way to share all threads I have received in my thread exchanges. The downside of this blog is that all the pictures are the same size so you don't get an idea of how fine or thick the threads are. I'm thinking of adding a small scale of some kind to show what size the finished motif actually is.

Motif 25!!!!!!!! This is the second thread sent to me by Stacey Houston. It is also King Tut. The color she wrote down was also 912 so one of them is not correct. I just looked at Debbie Arnolds site ( and I'm thinking that it is color 972 instead. The pattern is from the April 1974 Workbasket.

UPDATE - Stacey just sent me a few color samples. The color is actually 973.

This next motif is outside of my 25 challenge, so I'm going to stop numbering them. This is the first of 2 threads sent to me by Jon Faizon from Malaysia. It is Hakelgarn Size 20. I don't own any balls of this thread yet. It tats very much like Manuella. The pattern is from the October 1975 Workbasket

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Motif 23:

This is the third thread given to me by Diane Jenkins. It's called Solar Active Yellow. It is supposed to turn yellow in the sun. It did change colors in the sun a little, but it was more like an ecru to me than a yellow. I tried leaving it on my dashboard all through lunch, but it didn't get any more color to it. The thread is the size of sewing thread and feels (and catches) like silk. I had a hard time getting the rings closed because the thread was catching on itself. The pattern is from the November 1975 Workbasket.

Motif 24:

Stacey Houston from Everett, WA sent me this sample of King Tut Quilting thread along with a maple leaf pattern modified and diagrammed by Tammy Rodgers. The original pattern is from the February 1975 Workbasket. The modified pattern can be found at

The color (number 912) does very well in making this leaf look like a fall leaf.