Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My old dog Winnie(Winnefred) died last night. She was 10 1/2 years old (average for a bulldog). My husband, John, and I think she had a heart attack.

The poor girl was on a lot of meds this past year, so this really was not a surprise. Last summer she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and Cushing's Disease. She also had to have a bladder stone removed. John and I decided at that time that if anything more happened, we would just let her go. We were giving her a pill to keep the crystals down in her urine, a blood pressure med, a beta blocker, Melatonin for the Cushing's Disease, as well as an antibiotic for a never ending eyelid infection.

The last thing Winnie did was her most favorite thing in the whole world. Go for a ride. When we leashed up our other dog, Sadie, Winnie found enough strength to get up and was right on Johns heels following him to the car. She died peacefully just before we got to the Emergency Vet Clinic. Sadie was with her the entire time, so Sadie knows she is gone.