Friday, May 2, 2008

The reason I've been really quiet lately is because I've been busy tatting on much larger projects than my motifs. I'm almost done with one of my fair doilies. This one is using a workbasket pattern. But my other fair doily is my own design and part of it has had me scratching my head trying to get everything to work. More on both of these later.

I have had one other iron in the fire that has taken my time. Back in January, I proposed a group project to my lace guild (The Hedgehog Lacers) and that was to make a banner (silly me). After looking over a few letter patterns they chose a block letter style for the banner. The majority on the members are bobbin lacers so, of course, the patterns were bobbin lace patterns. Then they proposed that since I am their current president that I get the honor of doing the H in tatting. No problem, I said. The pattern they chose looked like it could easily be mimicked in tatting. So here it is:

Another member of the guild is also tatting an L (Lily how is it going?) using the pattern I dreamed up.

Now I have to sew the backing together so we will have something to attach all the letters to at our next meeting. (I'm not going to do everything myself if I can help it....I hope.)

I do like what I have come up with for the pattern and instead of twisted picots, using bugle or seed beads on the cross pieced with a faceted bead where they cross. Later on, when my fair projects are finished, I think I will do an M for my niece, Maribeth, and sew it onto a sweatshirt for a Christmas present.

If you are interested in the other letters my guild members are doing you can go to: