Thursday, October 25, 2007

I've been on another trip, so I have a bunch of motifs to post at one time again. I forgot to put the tape measure into the pictures this time, sorry.

This first motif I actually didn't do while I was traveling. I started it before I left and finished it after I returned. You can see why. I don't like the idea of juggling and chasing beads while sitting on a plane. Dorcas Newkirk gave me this very colorful Manuella with beads to match. I had to do some looking to come up with a pattern that would be suitable for just 12 beads. When I first tried this pattern, I used the beads in place of the outer chain picots, but I didn't like the way they were laying. Just too big. I finally increased the stitch count enough to I could get the beads into the rings themselves. The thread is Manuella size 20, color M202-04. The pattern is from the September 1971 Workbasket.

This next motif I did do on the plane, with just one big bead, it was easy to deal with. The thread and the bead was given to me by Sharol Thompson from Boulder City, Nevada. The thread is DMC Perle Cotton Size 8. The pattern is from the August 1990 Workbasket. It is not a pattern I have in my own Workbasket collection, Sharol sent it along with her thread. It actually calls for a bead to be used in the pattern. I'm not sure if you can see from the scan, but the bead is decorated with pretty little flowers.

Elizabeth Zipay from Schukil Haven, PA gave me this multicolored thread. It is Altin Basak Size 50. The pattern is from the May 1948 workbasket.

This is the last thread exchange motif that I got finished during my trip. The thread is Perfect Quilter color 085. The pattern is from the November 1960 Workbasket. It was given to me by Lori Oliwen-Kluger of La Cresceta, CA.

The rest of my trip was spent working on this years ornament for my holiday cards. I'm doing Jane Eboralls Celtic Wreath this year. There is a bit of story to go with this. My trip was to visit my brother and his family in Michigan. While I was there I listened to my nephews orchestra rehearsal. My niece, Maribeth, was sitting next to me watching me tat the first round of the wreath. I finished the round and on a whim gave it to her. She promptly squeezed it over her little hand and wore it as a bracelet. (It just barely fit). The next morning she proudly showed me the bracelet I had made her for her birthday along side the one I just gave her. I was just thrilled, so I quickly wound some more thread (I didn't have much with me, but I did have lots of beads) and made her another bracelet. I used the central split ring of Jane's bracelet and alternated it with just plain split rings to make a really pretty bracelet in blue thread with gold beads. I finished it just before I had to come home again. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Maribeth with all her tatted bracelets. I should have. We were a bit rushed that last morning to get me to the airport on time.

I do have one of the clan.From left to right in the back, my father, me, my oldest nephew Andrew, my brother's wife Kim, my brother Mike. In front, my niece, Maribeth, my youngest nephew Samuel and the character on the end, with the super big grin, is my second oldest nephew Jonathan.

While I was there, we put together a little hoedown and played some fiddle tunes. Probably a first, fiddle tunes on a French Horn. (The only strings I deal with are the ones that move my valves.)

I had a great time.