Thursday, September 27, 2007

This thread was given to me by Valerie Ho of Singapore. She said it was called Enjoy, 100% Cotton Lace Yarn in Size 40. It's made in Turkey. It tats very nicely, but didn't feel as stiff as a cordonnet or as soft as a cebilia, so I decided to take it apart. It separated into 2 strands then those 2 strands separated into another 2 strands making it a 4 strand thread. Very interesting. The pattern is from the January 1969 Workbasket.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've been on a business trip so I've had a lot of time to tat while on the train, in my motel room, and the conference itself when the discussions got a bit tedious.

Here are a bunch of motifs made with threads from my last exchange.

This is the 2nd thread given to me by Jon Faizon from Malaysia. It is Olympus size 40. The pattern is from the July 1980 Workbasket. I actually finished this before I went on my trip, it's just been laying around on my desk waiting to be scanned.

This very colorful thread is the Valdani pearl cotton that is taking the tatting world by storm. It is one of 2 threads I received from Dorcas Newkirk. The pattern is from the September 1954 Workbasket.

I seem to have a number of very colorful threads for this post. This thread is YLI Quilting Thread. The color is V73 and is called Maui Sunset. I received it from Teofana Petkova of Texas. The pattern is from the October 1961 Workbasket.

This is the last of the motif's from my business trip. It is Altin Basak Size 50, color number 3053. Clyde Page of Ontario, Canada sent it to me. The pattern is from the June 1972 Workbasket. Clyde was quite generous with his thread, otherwise I wouldn't have chosen such a large pattern. This was also one of the more poorly written Workbasket patterns. I had to do a lot of guessing and looking at the picture to get it done.